Website Design and development

Website design and development encompass far too many disciplnes to leave in the hands of an enthusiast. Fosbrook Web Design is a professional company and work to the professional standards outlined below.


Visitors make their minds up about the quality of a website in milliseconds. Our work is designed for maximum impact to deliver a message effectively and to the right audience, and as such has clear layout, appropriate colour schemes, consistent navigation, concise meaningful content and is coded to load without delay.

Classic Design

The reach of the internet is vast, ideas circumnavigate the globe in just a few days and with the international population working on it simultaneously, trends change rapidly.

Fosbrook Web Design take this into account and create sites with a more enduring presence by approaching style conservatively, implementing principles successful throughout the last century in the fields of Graphic Design and Industrial Design and apply them to the web.

Trends age extremely quickly, while classic design lasts.

Standards Compliant Design

Our websites are coded to separate content from presentation, look the same across a range of viewing platforms and adhere to standards set by the W3C.

Adhering to standards is beneficial. The complete separation of content from presentation enables us to change the entire design of your website by modifying one stylesheet, rather than updating every document a website contains. This not only makes our sites easy to maintain; it also reduces file sizes, makes them quicker to load and the search engines favour them because the code is junk free.

Leave your website in our capable hands. View our portfolio

Search Engine Optimisation

A ranking without an effective business model will just deliver targeted traffic, and traffic without monetisation is a drain on your wallet.

1. SEO doesn't work miracles and it isn't the answer to poor sales.

2. You can't trick the search engines, slow and steady wins.

3. Search engine optimisation shouldn't be considered as an after thought, it goes hand in hand with the copy of your pages.

We'll advise you on how to write content for the web so you can maintain a high standard of writing online.

Search engines reward well written websites that are properly coded, grammatically correct, contain no spelling mistakes and are accessible to people with disabilities. Ranking isn't instant, it can take months to see results on keyword searches but people searching for your company name, at the very least, should be able to find you as the top result in the major search engines like they can for all websites we publish.

All our websites are built to the above standards to achieve the highest position they naturally can in search engine listings before resorting to paying to influence their rankings. Search engine optimisation is a highly specialised and highly disputed field, be wary of anyone claiming they can get you into the top ten of google! SEO success is subject to the competition of the market you are in. Fosbrook web design is successful in converting visitors undertaking local searches into customers.

Fosbrook Web Design will only take on marketing campaigns that are realistic and inline with our capabilities. We'll advise you on what can be achieved or how much it would cost and provide a quick analysis on the risks and whether you're likely to get a return on your investment.

Website hosting and domain registration

We host a number websites on our Web Fusion server and provide flexible hosting plans where you can be granted limited server access to check website viewing statistics and setup additional email accounts through a secure login.

We advise anyone buying their own domain names to register them via If you don't want to get invloved with this we'll complete the registration process on your behalf with your details so you have the security of owning your domain name.

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems (CMS) give you the freedom to create new parts to your website, update text, replace images, and much more, and you can do this 24/7 from any computer with an internet connection.

We incorporate a simple and intuitive CMS in sites that require frequent updates. It’s more efficient for you to make changes at your convenience, than waste time sending us files and relaying instructions.

Online shops

Zen Cart

We develop online shops using the Zen Cart shopping cart and customise the framework into a unique online store to sell anything in any combination with multiple sale options. Zen Cart includes a comprehensive administration system to manage the running of your store yourself from product listings to sales tracking.


A PayPal shopping cart is the approprate solution if you are a small company selling one type of product with no options and require very few product description updates per year.

Logo design

Whether you need a logo redesign, or an existing logo spruced up and reproduced for print, we can transform your branding goals into a logo design that will solidify market recognition and increase revenue.

Simply put, if your logo was produced in an hour using Microsoft Word it will be obvious to all and let your business down. We have pride in our work and offer logo design as a service because it’s extremely hard to make a website look good if the logo doesn’t.